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Roundtable Discussions - 2018 Fall Conference


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Riding the Wave of Change

Roundtable Discussion Topics 

Each roundtable will focus on a facet of the external business environment and will feature a subject matter expert who's deeply involved. Table experts will share updates and experience that will deepen the conversation and allow for direction so you can leave with real strategies for tackling that arena in your business.

Policy - The policy arena is vast and rapidly changing. Did you know WBON has a policy committee leading the conversation in VT around women-business-friendly policies? This roundtable will address policy issues pertaining to business, including healthcare, tax policy changes, minimum wage, family-friendly policies like child care, paid maternity/ family leave , housing, and retirement.
Expert Resource: Heather Wright, WrightJones PLC

Economic - The economy holds all of commerce. With the subject matter expert at the Economics table, you'll look at issues of business infrastructure, workforce investment, and international trade.
Expert Resource: Janice Shade, The Initiative for Local Capital

Social/Cultural - Issues of gender, race, ethics, free speech, political engagement, good corporate citizenship, and the role of business in the community, are all over the news. As a business owner, how do you engage with the compelling social and cultural issues of our time? 
Expert Resource: Michelle Lewis, HR Delta, LLC

Technological - How can you build a competitive edge through new technological advances in your business? At this roundtable, you'll talk about issues of cybersecurity, stories of women in the tech field, and businesses currently utilizing technology to better position themselves in the marketplace.
Expert Resource: Patti Bisson, 585North, Inc

Legal - As regulations rapidly change, it is imperative for businesses to be aware of the standards and rules impacting resource allocation within the business. The legal roundtable will address issues such as hiring & employee relations, health and food regulations, product liability, customer issues, and intellectual property considerations.
Expert Resource: Lisa Gale, Gale & McAllister PLLC

Environmental - Sustainability in business is not just a buzzword; it's necessary to keep revenues flowing and costs down. This roundtable takes on the issues of business's impact on the environment (and vice versa!), including issues of building certification, alternative energy, public and private programs to assist adoption of environmental practices, cost-savings strategies, and examples of businesses leading in environmental innovation.
Expert Resource: Melanie Giangreco, Mpath, LLC

Certification as a Women-Owned Small Business/Corporate Supplier Diversity - Explore how certification as a woman-owned business enterprise can help your growing business take on corporate and government contracts and enhance your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.
Expert Resource: Mary Catherine Jones, Voice Over Vermont


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