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Writing from the Dream Space: a daylong entrepreneurial retreat

October 16, 2016 9:30 AM | Anonymous

As a solo entrepreneur and small business owner, you are the face of your business, literally and figuratively. As such, do your marketing materials and content—newsletters, blog posts, web pages, and more—reflect who youreally are?

As a heart-centered entrepreneur whose work takes you into the mysteries of the world, do you struggle with how to describe it? How to write about it so people who most need your services will understand your brilliance?

Welcome to Writing from the Dream Space. Your dreams may be telling you about hidden parts of yourself that are full of energy that wants to be freed up to fuel the next steps in your life and your business. Using your dream, or part of a dream, as a starting point you access the wisdom of your subconscious, and explore it through writing.

Through the course of the day, you will write, receive positive feedback on your work, and receive reiki healing energy that helps by releasing blockages and promoting energetic integration that in turn, supports your creative process. The dream, nourished by the healing energy of reiki, is the jumping off point to further realizations about your services, your business in general, and your offerings to the world.

Join us in Hyde Park at Dream Haven of Vermont’s rustic cottage for this intensive yet compassionate one-day workshop that will have you writing in flow and composing stories that attract your perfect clients. Relax and network with other mystical souls, enjoy writing time that explores your dream scape—the world you enter each night when you sleep. Our goal is for you to leave with content that you can immediately apply to your marketing materials that express your unique entrepreneurial brilliance

Registration Details:

For more info and to register go to

 or contact Gerette Buglion 802-498-8015  Email

Or mail a check to 46 Munson Rd, Hyde Park VT 05655

“There is kind of magic that occurs when we play with a dream image and allow the gentle, life affirming energy of Reiki to join into the mix. As entrepreneurs, it is essential to give space for the brilliance of the unconscious to come forth and let it be voiced in writing. The words that will then flow onto the page can be trusted more than anything even the wisest coach can tell you – you will come away with gems that articulate your unique gifts that when used appropriately can be a clarifying magnet for your business.

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